Who We Are

Board Members


Paul Karsten, M.Ed., L.Ac.
Paul is a graduate of SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine (1982) and received a Master’s degree in medical education from the University of Washington (1996).  Paul is one of the founders of the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine.


Craig Mitchell, Ph.D. (China), EAMP
Craig received a Master of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco (1993). He has written and translated articles and full texts, including the Shang Han Lun and the Jiao Shu-De texts. He is the Academic Dean at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine, where he also teaches and sees patients.


Rebekah Ingalls, M.Ac.OM, L.Ac.
Rebekah received her B.A. in Philosophy/Psychology from Yale University in 1984 and in 2002 received a masters degree from Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. She has completed advanced studies in traditional Chinese medicine in Taipei, Taiwan as well as Xiamen & Nan Chang, China.  Rebekah maintains a private practice in the Seattle area.


Giilian Williams
Gillian is the President of the Rensselaerville Institute and the founder of School Turnaround. She brings her strong strategic leadership and experience guiding a team that works nationally to achieve outcomes for human gain by working with the folks who spark change in a wide range of communities, schools, philanthropy and other non-profit organizations. Gillian has cultivated and engaged in strategic partnerships and as the founder of TRI’s signature initiative, School Turnaround, Gillian grew the organization from a summer conference in 2000 into a multi-faceted, nationally recognized initiative. She is widely sought as an advisor and keynote speaker and continues to regularly connect in classrooms and communities with leaders around the country and internationally. She seeks to bring her experience and passion for positive change to the Center for Integrated Care.